Wednesday, February 4, 2009


From This......

To This......Back to her sweet little self, dressing up of course!

After 2 long weeks of Pneumonia, Morghan went to the doctor today and her chest x-ray was finally clear. She still has a cough, which they say can last up to four more weeks but she is doing much better. I'm so proud of how well she handled it all.For everything that she went through she rarely complained. She got to the point where she was tired of all the medicine that we had to give her so she would spit it out as fast as we would put it in. She also hated wearing the oxygen so we had to tape it on her which made her cry because the tape would hurt to pull off. Also, we had her completely potty trained prior to the hospitalization which that went down the drain because we had to keep her in diapers, so we are back to potty training again. We survived it though I realized I'm not as tough as I thought I was. I was a complete basket case through this all and as much as I tried not to let Morgy see me cry or be worried there were times when I would look at her and couldn't help but cry. She truly is my world, and although I knew that before this little nightmare, something like this truly puts your love for your child in perspective. Although her pneumonia is gone we are not completely out of the woods. The doctors are concerned with how little Morghan is. She hasn't gained much weight over the past year and the doctor's are concerned that she might have something going on with her insides, but they first want me to take her milk away thinking it might be a lactose intolerance issue. If that's not the case we are off to a GI specialist. I will keep y'all informed. Thanks for all your comments, means a lot!!!