Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She's Always Curious!

The other day Morgy asked me where My Grandma is, I didn't quite know how to answer this because as you can imagine explaining where Heaven is to a 2 year old is quite a challenge and so here it goes:
Morgy: "Mom, Where is your grandma live?"
Me: "My grandma lives in Heaven!"
Morgy: "Where are Heaven?"
Me: "It's up there" (as I point up)
Morgy: Looks up to the ceiling, confused.
Me: "No not on the ceiling up above the clouds. Far Far away!"
Morgy: Still looking very confused. "Far away like Maga's house??" (which is my mom's)
Me: "No even further.It's a place where sick people go"
Morgy: (Recently getting over another sickness asks)"Am I going to Heaven now?"
Me: "No it's a place where sick people who don't get better go that need to sleep."
Morgy: "Well I want to sleep!"
Me: "Well you're not ready to go to sleep up in heaven yet, you sleep here with me and daddy."
Morgy: "I want to sleep with your grandma."
Me: "Maybe someday you can."
Morgy: "Like yesterday?" (which means tomorrow in her terms)
Me: "No not tomorrow, not for a long time."
Morgy: "Can I sleep in a princess bed like at Maga's?"
Me: "Yes, I'm sure you can have whatever bed you like." (trying now to end this conversation!)
Morgy: Awright Mom! I are excited!