Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Big Little Boy is 6 months!

Hey everyone!
I'm 6 months old now, I've been a pretty good boy up to this point. I'm super busy and already trying to go places. I'm working real hard on getting my bottom two teeth which hasn't been very fun and I get really frustrated because I want to crawl and can't quite figure it out. I'm growing like a weed and already in 12 month clothes. My mommy is sad because I'm growing too fast and she wants me to be a baby forever. I'm ready to be big like my sister!
My 6 Month Stats..
Weight 18 lbs 15 ounces 75%
Height 29.5 off the charts

I happen to be one of the happiest babies around, always smiling from ear to ear!

I started eating solids and I love favorite is squash!!

I love love love my daddy..Every night he gets home I smile and giggle and kiss him (well open mouth slobber on him)

I love to torment by big sister...

But I also really love to love her

I'm almost crawling..scooching everywhere and I get up on all fours and rock!

I love my binky

I really wanted to go on the deer hunt with daddy

Most of all I just love being ME!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year was a great Halloween! Morgy was so excited to be Cinderella, although I tried talking her out of being a princess, she insisted..When it was all said I done I thought she was a beautiful Cinderella. She dressed up for her school party on Friday and we trick-or-treated on Saturday.

Little Brock was a monkey this year. He was sick a couple days before and he wasn't going to get to go trick or treating but the weather cooperated so we were able to take him out. He didn't understand the whole monkey outfit and why he had to be dressed up but sick and all he was a trooper!

Oh and I almost forgot..I have a little tradition of dressing Dozer up in the kid's costume, only because he lets me. It's the funniest thing because anytime he gets any type of clothing on him he freezes and will not even move an inch..So this year he was a Monkey!

Happy Halloween!!!

While Daddie's Away

Morgy Kadence and Little Lexie

Morghan and Carson doing what they do best..being CRAZY!

Kadence pushing Brock in the baby stroller..She LOVES Brock and is so cute with him!

Morgy and Kadence with Grandma Suzanne!

The four little Munchkins!

While Nate was gone on the deer hunt I had my sister (Karyn) and sister in law (Carrie) come over. We were able to have girl time but of course with all the kids. Morghan, Carson and Kadence played the whole time and it was great to see the 2 sisters! I didn't get any pictures of and of us girls!! OOPS!

Deer Hunt

Nate and Matt drew out for the deer hunt this year in the Souther Region! They hiked 2 miles into there camp this year packing in all there food and gear. The preparation for the hunt ONLY began 2 months prior..This consisted of hiking in the canned goods and burying them, ordering and buying supplies, talking to Matt on the phone night after night preparing for the hunt, going over every detail again and again and again, and then preparing "the pack." The pack was Nates backpack that he had to carry in to camp so it took a great amount of strategizing to make this pack small enough to carry a couple miles. The final night the pack weighed in at 60lbs (yes we pulled out the scale to weigh it).
Off he went!!!! He spotted a buck the first night they got there but the hunt wasn't going to open until the next day so he was nervous he would lose the buck. Fortuanately they were able to find the buck the next day and Nate shot him..The buck is a 4x5 and has a 30 inch spread..Nate was sooooooo excited! We are now in process of getting a full head mount. Nate is having a hard time that I will not let this head mount in my house..I think it will look great in the garage!!!