Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year was a great Halloween! Morgy was so excited to be Cinderella, although I tried talking her out of being a princess, she insisted..When it was all said I done I thought she was a beautiful Cinderella. She dressed up for her school party on Friday and we trick-or-treated on Saturday.

Little Brock was a monkey this year. He was sick a couple days before and he wasn't going to get to go trick or treating but the weather cooperated so we were able to take him out. He didn't understand the whole monkey outfit and why he had to be dressed up but sick and all he was a trooper!

Oh and I almost forgot..I have a little tradition of dressing Dozer up in the kid's costume, only because he lets me. It's the funniest thing because anytime he gets any type of clothing on him he freezes and will not even move an inch..So this year he was a Monkey!

Happy Halloween!!!


Jamie said...

Such adorable kids!