Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello There!

So I will try to make this short and sweet with catching up on almost 3 months. Where have I been??? It's been awhile yes I know but the Buhler bunch has been busy. We finally moved into our new house and we love it. Our builders were incredible and had us in in four months. Since moving in we have been working like crazy on the yard. Me and Nate celebrated our 5 year anniversary WaHoo!!!! We are still going strong. It's crazy to look back and see all that we have done in 5 years. We celebrated the Fourth of July up at our cabin in Wyoming..That was a lot of fun. All 5 of us (the two dogs) slept very comfortably in our tent. Matt and Carrie came down the week after that which was great to see them. Morghan and Kadence play great together and we always have a lot of fun with Matt and Carrie. I ventured over to my sisters to take Morgy to a couple water parks..She had a blast playing with her cousin Carkey, and of course I love spending time with my sis. Over the 24th Aaron and Melissa and my mom and dad came down to help lay the sod on our 1/2 acre backyard..The following day we hiked the arches...not quite sure on the miles we went but it was somewhere around 10 and it kicked my you know what..Morghan turns 3 on the 18th of August.She is getting so big and is soooo much fun. I couldn't have asked for a better child, literally. We are all doing so good. It's so nice to be settled in a home. Sorry about the un updated blog..I will post some pics later!