Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moon Flower

Last weekend we did a little hike up Moon Flower trail. It's a short trail so Morghan was able to do it. At the end there is a small pond, Morghan had fun throwing rocks in the water and yelling and hearing her voice echo!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well I'll be Darned!!!!

These are just some pics of our house in Ohio!

So one thing I haven't mentioned on this little blog, is that Me and Nate moved from Ohio last December, we put our house on the market last November (11 months ago). Our plans were we would leave our house in Ohio before Christmas, I would stay with my parents in Delta and he would stay with his mom in Moab while the house sold.(thinking it would only be a couple months) So we lasted with our parents a total of 2 1/2 months and it was time to do a new plan. So I moved to Moab and we rented a townhome no biggy our house was going to sale in a little bit!!! So here we are 11 months later people, 11 months of paying double...I repeat double payments on houses, utilities, home owners insurance, home association fees etc..... So all the while I am a complete stress case, on the verge of becoming a complete mental case,my hairs turning grey, i've gained about 20lbs, also suffering from nausea,heartburn, idigestion, upest stomach, diarrhea. Okay so not that bad but pretty close. So, I had my meltdown a couple weeks ago, I knew that the way the economy was going and the way the housing crisis was me and Nate were going to be in this situation for awhile. The very next day after my meltdown, we received a phone call from our realtor and we got an offer. As of October 28th our house in Ohio will no longer be ours......Yay! It makes me sad in a way because I loved Ohio and loved our house out there, but now we can get our life started here. So, the tip of the day, don't put your house on the market right now.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Poor Little Buck!

So, the story goes. Wendesday afternoon Nate had come across the big buck that he has always wanted. The buck was about 250 yards away and was lying down watching Nate approach him. Nate couldn't get any closer for fear the buck would run off. So he shot at him (which everyone that was there says it was a difficult shot) and he missed. Yes, he missed the big tropy deer that he wanted. He called me and was so upset. They went out that evening and came across this deer which is still a very nice deer, but I guess not near as big as the one he shot at first. He still had a great time and is happy with his deer. He hopes to draw out again in years to come and get a bigger one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hunt of a Lifetime

Top 10 Reasons Why Wives and Hunting Dont Mix

10 Do you have this in pink?
9) Does this make me look fat?
8) How much longer?
7) I'm not touching THAT?
6) You shot Bambi!
5) But they're so Cute
4) We should call the Kids?
3) Do you have a Blanket?
2) I'm Cold
1) I have to Pee!!

Okay so for those of you that don't know, Nate drew out on the hunt of a lifetime this year. He found out in April that he drew out on the Paunsagunt hunt which only 17 people in the whole state got tags for because the bucks over there are huge. Well since April I have heard about it CONSTANTLY!! Now, when I say constantly I mean every night for the last 6 months. Not only that but when he went up to scout in July he took the video camera so I have had to watch "footage" as he likes to call it of Buck walking across the country. If you can imagine the excitement in that! Not that I'm not excited for him, because I truly am but for those of you who truly know me I am the worlds most biggest animal lover, so the thought of killing a helpless animal makes me sad. I supported him though, I even turned in to Betty Crocker this past week, cooking him stew, chili, homemade rolls, cookies, cornbread, muffins. You name it I was cookin it. So he's off and how excited he was. He was up by 5 a.m. Friday morning and wanted to be on the road by 9:00, oh he was out the door and on the highway by 7:15!! He's so funny over this and I guess I just don't understand. So it's just me and Morgy for the next 10 days. I will post pics when he gets his trophy deer!! I thought the Top 10 list was cute, because even though I wasn't invited to go on the hunt, if I did go that would totally be me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not quite healed

Morghan had her final visit to the doctor. We did xrays again and found that there is still a tiny bit of a break. The doctor told me it was fine to get rid of the cast and it should heal on its own. Well, I thought to myself, "we are talking about a 2 year old that is very clumsy and falls all the time." So, not that I'm a doctor or anything, but I don't think it would be the wisest decision to take it off quite yet. So, I am leaving it on for a couple more weeks, just to make sure. I don't want to have to back because she rebroke it!

Getting ready to go to the doctor

Waiting in the waiting room, she saw everyone else reading a magazine so she had to read a magazine!

When we brought her home from the ER the first time we babied her and layed her down and turned on cartoons, now everytime she gets home from the doctor she sets up her blankets and pillows and has to watch t.v.