Saturday, October 2, 2010


Go Broncos or wait Go this is the problem I have every football season.Who to cheer for when these two play each other. The Broncos have always been our families favorite team and the Colts have been Nate's team, so since we've been married I've become a fan of them too. We decided to go to the game in Denver. We had a great time, especially because it was the first time we have been alone in a long time. I had a hard time leaving the kids (mostly because I'm a stress case) but luckily my faithful parents came and watched them for us. We had a great time in downtown Denver and met up with a friend and his girlfriend from college. The game was a lot of fun and the Colts ended up winning.

Glenwood Springs

We decided to take a little family trip to Glenwood Springs. On our way there we stopped at Walmart to pick up some necessities..I ran in with Morghan while Nate stayed in the car..anywhooo we picked up our items and on we went. We got to Glenwood Springs and I went to check in the motel..Where's my Wallet???? I started to freak out, I knew I had left it in the cart at Walmart. I called and talked to the manager and they couldn't find it. I was so freaked out I had to cancel everything. My social security card, a blank check, my drivers license, and credit cards were in there..anything and everything a person wanted for identity theft was in there. I tried not to let it ruin the trip but I knew for sure my wallet had landed in the hands of someone who could do some serious damage.. I cancelled everything and figured just to let it go and have fun. We went to the Springs pool which was a blast..Morghan suprisingly was not scared to go down the slide..she went over and over and over..We stayed there all day. The folowing day we went up the Gondola to the top of the mountain. They have a variety of things to do which one was old fashion pictures, it was a lot of fun. Another thing was a roller coaster that went down the mountain, suprisingly again Morghan was not scared to go on this (Nate was). I need to remind you that the whole time I was calling Walmart a thousand times to see if my wallet had been turned in (it hadn't). We finished on the mountain and headed home. I told Nate to stop in Grand Junction because I had a feeling that my wallet was there and that the managers weren't looking for it. So we stopped, and guess what I found it..right in the top of the pile of lost and found.

Happy 4th Birthday

Morghan, Bayla, and Makenna

Cowabunga Bay!!!

My sweet little Morgy turns 4! Holy cow it's crazy..It doesn't seem like 4 years ago that we had her. She truly has been the best little kid parents could ask for. She is so happy so incredibly smart, she amazes us every day. I couldn't have hand picked a better one. I truly love her with everything in me. We weren't going to do anything for her birthday here because we had planned a trip up to Cowabunga Bay water park with the family but Morgy had a hard time understanding why she couldn't have friends over here. So, I gave in and had a couple of her good friends over for a party. We also ended up going to Cowabunga Baby for Morgy's, Rylie's, and Maddison's Birthday. It was great fun!

Some More!

Family Pics

Megan Brown was coming to Moab for a bowling tournament so I snagged her up for family pics. She did a great job and came right to the house so we didn't have to take Brock anywhere. I was very pleased with all the pictures!

Brocks First days Home!

After 2 days in the hospital we were able to bring Brock home. My mom stayed for a week and helped out with anything and everything. My mom is so wonderful to have,cleaning, laundry and helping out with Morgy! My sister and kids came over the weekend after he was born. It was great to have her here. Aaron and Melissa and their girls also made a trip over to see Brock. He adjusted well into his new family and home!

Brock William Buhler

I was induced at 7 am on the morning of May 11th. Unlike Morgy, Brock was a very easy delivery. My epidural worked this time which was AMAZING! I only pushed twice (yes I said twice) and there he was..Weighing in at a whopping 7lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long. My mom and Nate were in the room with me and shortly after his arrival Morgy and my dad came in. It was a very wonderful experience.

I'm Back!

So where have I been? It has been over a year since I last updated the blog..I'm sure most of you know that I finally got pregnant! Just like everyone said, once you stop trying it will happen, and just like that IT HAPPENED. My pregnancy was anything but fun..I puked my brains out all day every day for seven months (and yes I'm complaining) and once again I gained enough weight for 3 peoples pregnancy! After it was all said and done Brock William Buhler was born on 5/11/10 and weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long. He has been an excellent baby so far..I can already tell he will be a mommas boy. Having 2 definately changes the pace of the house..Morgy had a hard time adjusting to him but now they are great together..He watches her every move and laughs at her all the time. Poor little Brock has traveled all over the place since he's arrived. We had a very busy summer and he just went right along with us. In a short update our summer included a trip to Cedar City to see Matt and Carrie, a trip to Wyoming to our cabin, Ogden for Family reunion,Seven Peaks water park, Cowabunga Bay water park, Glenwood Springs, and recently went to Denver for the Broncos/Colts game. We couldn't be doing any better right now. I will try and post pics for all the events!