Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday

Morghan, Bayla, and Makenna

Cowabunga Bay!!!

My sweet little Morgy turns 4! Holy cow it's crazy..It doesn't seem like 4 years ago that we had her. She truly has been the best little kid parents could ask for. She is so happy so incredibly smart, she amazes us every day. I couldn't have hand picked a better one. I truly love her with everything in me. We weren't going to do anything for her birthday here because we had planned a trip up to Cowabunga Bay water park with the family but Morgy had a hard time understanding why she couldn't have friends over here. So, I gave in and had a couple of her good friends over for a party. We also ended up going to Cowabunga Baby for Morgy's, Rylie's, and Maddison's Birthday. It was great fun!