Monday, March 23, 2009

Parents and Their Senior Moments!

My parents are always having senior moments! You know, forgetting where they parked the car, where their keys are, forgetting what day of the week it is etc...So I was in Delta a couple of weeks ago and I was packing to leave. Morghan was sitting up on the couch with her cousins so I thought it would be a great picture opportunity. My dad was lying on the couch so I thought he could do it for me while I packed. The conversation goes:
Me:"Hey dad, Will you go take a picture of the kids with my camera?"
Dad: "Linds, I don't want to I don't even know how to use the camera."
Me: "Dad, seriously it's not that hard."
Dad: "Fine, what do I do."
Me: "It's real easy, just hold the camera out at the kids and hold this button down."
So he leaves and comes back...
Dad: "Okay, I took 3 pictures, How did they turn out?"
THIS IS WHAT I FOUND!!! (He had the camera turned backwards and took pictures of himself the whole time not even realizing it) BIG DORK!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Okay Okay, Alright Alright

The pics aren't significant to anything just wanted to put some on..

So I slipped away for a month or so and many of you found me and started yelling at me...So I'm back! Hmmm truthfully not much has been going on. Since my last post I took Morghan to a specialist in Colorado to get a full check up. All of her blood work finally came back normal but still waiting on some tests to figure out why she gaining weight. I will say since taking the milk away she has tripled her eating, so I might just be summed up to a good old case of Lactose Intolerance. She is now up to a whopping 24.5 lbs. She is oficially a Princess. She will no longer wear pants, she can only wear dresses cuz princesses wear dresses. So this has been fun in the cold weather. Sometimes she looks like a little orphan with her dresses over her clothes, but it makes her happy and limits the fit throwing. We are doing good. We FINALLY started our house and things are going really fast on it. It's all framed and we should be in by May. WooHoo. I don't know if any of you have experienced building a house with a person that is horribly color blind but let me tell you IT IS NOT FUN. If me and Nate survive this house thing without me pulling out his eyeballs it will be a miracle.This is the first time in Me and Nates marriage where we have had to live in a Condo and let me tell ya we do not like it. I'm still NOT pregnant..Don't really know what our next step is. I have another appointment with my Dr. in April and hopefully he will have more suggestions. I really truly hope that Morghan will have a little sibling. She is such a nurturing person and loves acting like she is a big sister. I hope this isn't all that God has planned for us. Other than that we are all good. I will posts pics of our house once the outside is done. I will posts pics of my pregnancy test once it is positive :) I'm ready for spring and the hot weather...So toodaloo for now.