Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deer Hunt

Nate and Matt drew out for the deer hunt this year in the Souther Region! They hiked 2 miles into there camp this year packing in all there food and gear. The preparation for the hunt ONLY began 2 months prior..This consisted of hiking in the canned goods and burying them, ordering and buying supplies, talking to Matt on the phone night after night preparing for the hunt, going over every detail again and again and again, and then preparing "the pack." The pack was Nates backpack that he had to carry in to camp so it took a great amount of strategizing to make this pack small enough to carry a couple miles. The final night the pack weighed in at 60lbs (yes we pulled out the scale to weigh it).
Off he went!!!! He spotted a buck the first night they got there but the hunt wasn't going to open until the next day so he was nervous he would lose the buck. Fortuanately they were able to find the buck the next day and Nate shot him..The buck is a 4x5 and has a 30 inch spread..Nate was sooooooo excited! We are now in process of getting a full head mount. Nate is having a hard time that I will not let this head mount in my house..I think it will look great in the garage!!!